One Church Kids

Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade


One Church Kids is a thriving community within our church which meets on Sundays and throughout the week. Through age-appropriate programs provided during weekend services, One Church Kids offers a safe, fun and Jesus-centered experience for your kids.


Just like our adults, we believe every child should have the opportunity to connect, grow and make a difference!  We want to raise up a generation who love God and love showing His love to their world around them!
Our Kindergarten through 3rd graders are learning to build healthy relationships as they participate in large and small group environments that encourage each child to apply the Bible to their every day choices.  They do this through song, object lessons, active games and more!
Ultimately, we want to see kids who are passionately falling in love with Jesus and serving the world around them! To connect your world at home with what your child is learning in church, be sure to check out for music, character training videos, and series videos that connect with the church experience!

Kid’s Check-In

You can register your child for One

Church Kids programs 45

minutes before the service begins.

+1 209 521 5440