At One Church, we are fasting for three days in the month of January. Join us in this season of focused prayer as a church family, drawing nearer to God, and eliminating distractions while hitting the reset button to our soul for renewal inside and out. We are going to seek God in prayer and follow what the Holy Spirit leads us to do.

Campus Prayer Requests:


  1. Pray that we will be missional & intentional about reaching out to one person and intentionally focusing on reaching them for Christ. That we as Christ followers would live 2020 intentionally – to love people, to follow Jesus and reach the lost. 

  2. Pray for healthy marriages & healthy families. Healing & reconciliation where there needs to be.

  3. Pray for the Lord’s blessings over kids, families, and spouses. 

  4. Pray that the church would develop a culture of holiness, not worldliness. That we would be in the world, but not of it. That we would be a church full of Christ followers with pure hearts to follow Jesus. 

St. John’s:

  1. We pray for a fresh revelation of Who Jesus is and what He has done for us so that more than ever before we will understand that each one of us are to reach people for Jesus, and to become Disciplers of them. 

  2. We pray the Lord’s provision, blessing and favor as we strive to fulfill His purposes and the Mission He has given us. 

  3. We pray for healing and renewed strength for our people, especially those who are dealing with serious illness.


  1. Building Projects & Volunteers – Pray for our facilities as we continue to grow; that God would maximize our space to best serve new families coming to our campus. We’re praying for our sanctuary remodel, building renovations, and new kids modular. That all projects would be completed in a timely manner, and for God’s favor with city officials, inspections, and contractors. Also prayer for volunteers to come on board and serve alongside us throughout these projects.

  2. Healing Work of God – We are seeing God do a move in people being physically healed and we want that to not only continue but to GROW. We want to continue to be spiritually ready and receptive to the touch of God. Pray for God’s healing work to increase so He may be glorified.

  3. Life Groups – We are believing for God to fill the need for committed leaders who can cultivate a strong community in their groups to positively affect the church body. Pray that more people will CONNECT through joining a Life Group, GROW spiritually and relationally in their Groups, and serve together to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in each other’s lives, the church and our community



  1. A move of the Holy Spirit, empowering the believers of our church as they spend this year getting “rooted in Jesus,” living as a  witness for Jesus!

  2. Divinely creative ways & resources to evangelize our local city. 

  3. To acquire the empty lot next to our church, for expansion of ministry. 


  1. Community Impact – Pray for the presence of our church in our community to continue to increase as we reach people in our city for Jesus.

  2. Discipleship – We’re praying for our congregation to experience a deeper presence of Jesus as they spend more time in prayer and in God’s Word, discovering more of who He is.

  3. Finances – Pray for God’s favor and provision for 2020 as we walk in obedience to what He’s called us to do as a church.



  1. Open doors within our community to reach people with the Gospel message.

  2. Pray for the right people to continue to come & get connected to the life of the church

  3. Pray for an increase in the tangible presence of the Lord and continue to see God move miraculously

Kingdom Builders:

Pray for each missionary serving domestically and internationally. We’re believing that God has planted them in the right place for such a time as this, and we pray for their families to be protected, their ministries to be effective, and their impact to exponentially increase.

What is Fasting?

We’re setting aside 3 days at the beginning of 2020 to seek God and grow in our relationship with Him. Fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline observed all throughout Scripture. If you’re not familiar with fasting, don’t worry– we’ve broken it down for you on the One Church App. In a nutshell, fasting is designed for believers to give something up, creating more dependence on the Lord and space for God to move.

In Scripture, we typically see believers fast eating or different kinds of food for a period of time, but we don’t want to limit you. Maybe you’ll feel led to give up TV/movies, or you realize that social media takes up a lot of your time. The point is voluntarily sacrificing something and pursuing more of God instead. The Bible often mentions people fasting individually (Matthew 6:16-18), however, there are times in Scripture when a corporate fast is called. Acts records: “While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, ‘Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.’ So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off” (13:2-3).

We’ve experienced the faithful hand of a good God grow His beloved church this past season, and we look forward to the future together as One Church. Just like fasting led Paul and Barnabas to change the course of history, we anticipate a supernatural move of God to unlock potential, broaden horizons and move mightily in your own life as we seek Him together– the best is yet to come!

Scriptural References

Isaiah 58:6-12 The power & benefits of fasting (chains loosed, oppression lifted, breakthroughs of healing & freedom, rebuilding, strengthening, God’s divine guidance) Matthew 5   Jesus teaches how it’s a powerful way for Christians to deepen their relationship with God. He gives these 3 tools: “When you give… When you pray… When you fast…” Ezra 8:21-23 Ezra called the nation to fast when the Jews faced a hazardous travel situation as they returned to Jerusalem from their exile in Babylon. Esther 4:15-16 Esther called the people to fast to pray for God’s protection from King Xerxes. 2 Samuel 12:14-16 David fasted to seek God’s healing for his sick child. Acts 10:30 Cornelius’ fast opened the door for Peter to begin telling the Gentiles about Jesus, a vital step in the spread of the gospel throughout the world.

Daily Devotional
After giving something up, let’s add these two things:
  1. Daily Prayer Time: “Their prayers intensified by fasting” (Acts 14:23)
    1. Set aside time each day to pray for things like your next steps with Jesus, breakthrough for a friend or family member, or needed victories in your life. Also take some time to pray through our different campus prayer requests. Let’s unite in prayer together!
  2. Daily Bible Reading: We’ve provided a Scripture and devotional for each day of the fast on the One Church app
Day 1:
  • Psalms 25:13-14
  • Revelation 3:7
  • Psalms 73:23-26
A key part of doing a fast is giving considerable time to waiting on God. Psalm 25 in the Message says, “God-friendship is for God-worshipers; They are the ones he confides in.” When you spend time in God’s presence, He will reveal things that you couldn’t know otherwise. And isn’t that what we want as we are fasting? Fasting is not just about getting what we want from God – it’s about knowing what God wants to do in our lives – it’s about hearing from Him. There are things that God wants to do in your life through this fast. For some, He will give you the confidence you need to take that next business venture or restore a relationship. For others, He will speak to your heart differently. He may tell you not to take that step towards what you feel is a sure thing. He may ask you to wait a bit longer or tell you not to do it all together. Part of spiritual maturity is being able to discern what God is saying, and act on it, whether it’s what we were hoping for or not. As you are fasting today, ask God to speak to you about His will for this season of your life, and when He does, listen.
Day 2: 
  • Isaiah 43:19
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9
  • Matthew 5:3
  • Psalms 34:5
God loves doing new things in our lives, yet too often we view our future singularly through the prism of our past. It is true that wise people learn from mistakes, but there is a fine line between learning from our failures and allowing our past disappointments to shape how we see God’s promises. Maybe you have been praying for God to move in your situation. You may believe God’s promises are possible, but just not possible for you. If that’s where you’re at, here’s some really good news – God’s promises are for you! God wants to do something new in your life. He wants to bring growth, beauty, and vitality to the wilderness you have been living in. Listen to the words of Isaiah 43:19, “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” This fast will lead to new things being done in you, through you, and around you as the Lord honors your fast. Watch expectantly, anticipate His goodness, you may not see it yet but it’s impossible to fast without seeing God work in response to our seeking His face.
Day 3:
  • Ezra 8:21-23
  • Psalms 119:68
  • Luke 1:37
In Ezra 8, God’s people were on a journey back to Jerusalem. They were bringing with them items of gold and silver to be used in the worship of God at the temple. Because the roads were terrorized by bandits, Ezra feared for the safety of his people and was concerned they might be robbed. But rather than approaching the king to help with this matter, Ezra believed the Lord would come through so he called the people to fast and pray. Sure enough, God responded to their earnest prayers and protected them! When we fast and pray, it opens the door for God to do what would otherwise not happen in our lives. We can have confidence just like Ezra that God will meet our needs as we call out to Him. God loves to show himself strong in the midst of our neediness. Take your need before God knowing that He will hear your prayer. Then watch as God works miraculously and does the impossible!